• «Notre Bonne Mère.» 
  • «La tour eiffel est comme une femme nue, sans ses habits, avec tout au plus du maquillage..» 
    Olivier Delahaye
  • «In gastronomy when the dish is beautiful, it’s already good.» 
    Mario Coti
  • «An elegant table is the first sunlight.»
  • «Black is the only colour that doesn’t change.»
    Jacques Ferron
  • «Time throws light on everything.»
    Thales de Milet
  • «Success is made with a bit of knowledge, a bit of skills, and a lot of communication.»
    Jean Nohain
  • «I’ve given a head start on my dishes no scratches,
    no broken plates, or as less as possible, high quality
    only pleasure!.»
    AP (Chef de cuisine )